How would society benefit from this problem being solved?·

Intermediate Paper – Identify a problem. Describe your methodology on how this problem could be solved. Reinforce these thoughts with how an engineering degree would help you solve this/these problems. Also, research an engineering professional society that interests you. Write a brief paper, 2-3 pages, typed, on these topics. Problem Solving  In detail, describe the present problem.· o How did the problem surface? o What are the current solutions, if any?  Propose a solution to the problem· o Is it practical?  How could an engineer solve this problem? How would you obtaining an engineering degree help· you solve the problem?  How would society benefit from this problem being solved?· Professional Society  Which professional society did you choose and why?·  What do they do?·  What are the requirements to join the society?·  What impact does the society have?·  Do they have any conferences or trade shows? How many? Where? When? What is the cost?· Provide Bibliography to cite any sources used (does not contribute towards page count). Primary Paper– Choose an engineering discipline of your choice. Write a brief paper, 2-3 pages, typed, on this major.  Why did you choose this?·  What University do you want to attend? Why? Do they have an ABET accredited engineering· program?  What are the consequences of obtaining a degree from a non-ABET accredited engineering· program?  Are there student clubs, organizations, competitions offered by the University of choice that· interests you?  What are the average salaries and the typical responsibilities of the engineering discipline you· chose?  Identify the top ranking Universities for your engineering discipline of choice.·  Does the University you chose offer graduate school opportunities?·  Find a specific area you would like to pursue and why?·  Does the University you originally chose have a graduate program tailored to the specific area· you chose?

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