Should HR employees be required to sign an agreement of confidentiality? Why or why not.

1: Describe what ethics means from a human resource perspective; what are some of the ways managers and employees can act in an unethical way? Should HR employees be required to sign an agreement of confidentiality? Why or why not.

2:Some preemployment inquiries that HR should or should not get into. Hr is allowed to ask certain questions for affirmative actions using information techniques that do not go to hiring manager yet to HR themselves. The book mentions tare off example. From experience I have been given the option to fill out this portion where the hiring employer just tares on the dotted line and puts the information in the right mailbox of the HR manager who gets the information. Height, weight, credit or financial questions are also not acceptable unless the employer can prove why this would be necessary to know. (Dessler, 2012 pg. 304) For example, to be flight attendant, you have to be able to reach a certain height which may or may not requirer you to be a certain height but medically examination is necessary to determine this. In an interview an employee may ask requirements just have on paper to further process information on to the next step.

3: I found this video to be right on topic. It talks about the ethics in the business place and offers some examples to help to understand them better. One thing that I found to be entirely true is when she said, “Just because something is legal does not make it right, and even though something may be right, it might also not be legal.” It also talked about how at the core, we all have similar morals as far as not lying, cheating and stealing are concerned. This allows some moral ground that we can all relate to. What do you all think of the video? I think it pairs up great with what we are learning this week. Also, there are similar videos that cover previous topics that we have learned.

4:I think depending on what the situation entails that confidentiality is situational. We all know, or should all know what is morally and ethically acceptable and not in the workplace and just to people in general. If you are doing something that may break rules, guidelines, or be non workplace appropriate then be prepared to accept consequences. Not everyone is going to withhold silence if something is inappropriately or unethical. There are always resources available to get advice if employees are uncertain about a particular situation. If employer or business owner feels that its necessary to bring up facts of appropriateness for confidentiality and they want there employees to not be able to use lack of awareness as a reason for unethical situations happening. Then a signature of agreement may be necessary. However I feel that naturally, people in general should not have an issue with this. There may be certain positions depending on the business that requirer a different set of guidelines for confidentiality that may be addressed if it is not the occasional situation, then yes this may be needed no matter what the employees already know or don’t.

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