I chose to write about Amazon’s new training program.

Question: Research a current event regarding current trends in training and development. The article should be sourced from a newspaper, magazine, or credible online news source. Write a one-paragraph summary of the article and a one-paragraph reflection. Include references.

Be prepared to discuss your findings.

www.trainingmag.com, www.shrm.org,

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I chose to write about Amazon’s new training program.

Summary: Over the past few years, Amazon has faced a lot of negative feedback from current and ex employees that worked in their large shipping and packing facilities. One warehouse in Minnesota went on strike on July 15th of 2019, which was during Amazon Prime Day. They were fighting to ease productivity quotas due to many claims of the job being unsafe to work in. Many lawmakers have threatened to regulated the company more closely. Since these events, Amazon has announced that they are implementing a $700 million investment into retraining staff. This training is not just for warehouses, but also for training their staff to understand the growing technology of the company further. This focusing on data sciences, robotics, and coordinating logistics to ship products.

Reflection: I believe this is a smart choice for amazon. Investing in your staff shows promise and influences employees to continue with the company. This can help them reduce the safety risks of this job overtime, but also opens up ways to help improve employee moral. The focus on improving their technology alongside of the

employees is going to simply make their company run more efficiently.