Identify a specific country to analyze your brand’s entry into.

· Please remember my marketing mentor is Taco Bell

· Identify a specific country to analyze your brand’s entry into.

· First, identify the countries your mentor marketer does or did business in. Check out the corporate website or the latest annual report.

· Then, search your brand in business periodicals such as Forbes in conjunction with country names or terms like “foreign” or “international.” See which markets have been written about and select one.

· Research your chosen market to answer these questions:

· When did your mentor marketer enter this foreign market?

· What specific challenges did entering this market present? (e.g., cultural norms, language barriers, local competition, government regulations, economic conditions, etc.). Identify at least three.

· What changes were made to the marketing formula in entering this market? What other changes were needed? Cite at least three examples, linking each one to a marketing P. You can repeat Ps more than once.

· How successful was the entry into this market? Is the brand still in the market?

· Identify and create proper APA citations for at least three different sources.

· Try to explore different types of sources (periodicals, videos, annual report, etc.). Check the Forbes archive and other Ashford University resources as needed.

· As you will be creating a podcast, in-line citations are not required, but you will need to document your sources.

· Be sure to script or outline for your podcast.

· A script or outline will help you maintain a flow and ensure that you cover all of the topics you are meant to address.