Identify one or two research questions that will help you solve the management problem.

The purpose of the project is to help you apply course concepts to a specific marketing situation of your choice. The purpose here is to provide an opportunity to solve a managerial problem through a better understanding of consumer behavior by using research as a tool. I expect a short, focused and original research study where the emphasis is on gaining insights into consumer behavior. If you plan to extend research done for another project, please cite the earlier work and show what exactly the new contribution is.

Here are the steps required for the project.

Identify a management problem/ consumer behavior issue you are interested in.
Do a brief background research of this problem or issue and why/how you think a better understanding of consumer behavior will help you solve the management issue. This can be descriptive based on your current understanding of the situation or from company literature with research based on published sources as support.
Identify one or two research questions that will help you solve the management problem.
Decide on the best way of doing additional primary research. You choose any research technique such as: in-depth interviews, focus group, content analysis, observation, metaphor elicitation, surveys, experiments or a combination of them.
Analyze the results and come with a managerial recommendation
Previous students have crafted very interesting and impressive work, but it all depends on how in-depth you are able to get with the topic you select. Some examples of topics you might consider are given below.

Defining and eliciting customer satisfaction for a product you are marketing
Developing a consumer behavior model
Developing a positioning map
Spending a day in the life of your customer
Segmenting your market in a new way based on an understanding of CB
Examining if there is consumer interest in a product/ service (several students have used this opportunity to check out interest for a new business they were considering).
You may choose any of the above or come with your own topic – whatever interests you and helps you move forward with your own real-life work.

The final paper is due on Tuesday, March 13th and to be 5-7 pages. It should be double-spaced, 12 point font, and submitted in a Word document. Make sure to include all appropriate citations and references that were used. What I am looking for is consumer behavior insights you obtained through this project and how it was helpful to you and your business. Make sure, you include an executive summary at the beginning of the report.


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