Ishmael Essay

Choose THREE of the questions below. Write a 1-2 page (250-500 word), typed paper on each of the three you chose (i.e. There will be three separate papers for this section). You should give the number of each choice at top of paper under your name. Please be as specific as possible, using examples from the book when necessary. Write it as ONE paper with THREE different chapters, you can only post this on Blackboard once, so it should be all together.

1. Discuss, specifically, the various roles of Ishmael and the narrator in the book. What philosophical and metaphorical purposes does each of them serve?

2. As fully as you can, explain what Ishmael means by “Mother Culture” and “her” relationship to us as individuals. Explain and discuss the meaning of THREE of the following stories:

a. The Jellyfish Story;

b. The Taker Thunderbolt;

c. Cain and Abel;

d. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil;

e. The Story of Ishmael (Old Testament)

4. According to Ishmael, what three specific ingredients make up a culture? Which of the three do you think is most important?

5. Discuss FOUR important differences between Leaver cultures and Taker cultures, according to the book. (You may want to provide specific examples of the two cultures in your answer.)

6. Explain the historic importance of our agricultural revolution, according to Ishmael. How, specifically, did it change society?

7. Toward the end of the book, the narrator says that people, “need a vision of the world and of themselves that inspires them.” What are the specific ingredients of that vision, according to Ishmael and the narrator? What is your vision of the world in relationship to this book?

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