Assignment Structure:

Title: Knowledge management systems in organizations.

Part A. Introduction: (2 Marks)

The introduction part must highlight the following.

v Conceptual framework of knowledge management.

v A brief description of knowledge management systems in organizations.

Part B. Organizational Analysis:(5 Marks)

Students must choose any organization and highlight following points.

v Brief description of organization.

v Description of knowledge management system in the selected organization.

v Highlight and analyze the major knowledge management tools used by the selected organization for capturing and disseminating knowledge throughout the organization.

Part C. Recommendation and Conclusion: (3 Marks)

The students must come up with some suggestions/recommendations for the selected organization for improving their knowledge management systems.

Write down conclusion in one paragraph.

*No plagiarism

*Answers should meet all the requirements (6 questions).

*Be very specific and focused on the issue while answering a question.

*Must apply Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines and review at least three (3) scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles to support their answer for each question or concept.


this assignment in particular should be very specific with a lot of details

the doctor of this subject is very professional and like detailed answers

and she is so precise.

thank you!

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