List the DSM criteria for Autism

CASE STDY:List the DSM criteria for Autism

Read through 1 of the 2 the case study options in the Gorenstein & Comer (2015) (2 Edition) textbook. Then, complete the provided answer sheet of questions, utilizing information from the Comer textbook to formulate appropriate answers. Submit the completed document as an attachment via the assignment submission link.

Grading will be based on the accuracy and quality of answers, the demonstration of higher-level critical thinking skills, and appropriate quantity/content of the answers. Your answers must do the following:

  • Be in complete sentences.
  • Demonstrate focus and clarity of thought.
  • Display grammar, spelling, and sentence structure appropriate for college-level work.

Use the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Answer Sheet or the Panic Disorder Answer Sheet attached above based on your selection. Place the answers into the boxes provided on this document

  • PYSC 430

    Module/Week 2 Case Study Assignment

    Case 1: Panic Disorder

    Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology

    Gorenstein & Comer, 2015


    DSM Application (10 points): List the DSM criteria for Autism. Next to each criterion, detail the specific symptoms that match.



    Assessment Questions (6 @ 5 points each):


    #1: In the case of “Joe,” what event precipitated his panic attack?



    #2: Why is Joe’s case different from most panic attacks?



    #4: Why do individuals first suspect a general medical condition?



    #5: Why was Dr. Geller convinced that panic disorders are “best explained by a combination of biological and cognitive factors?”



    #7: How did Joe’s avoidance of going outside alone contribute to his panic disorder?



    #8: What was the outcome for Joe?



    Bible Application Question (10 points, 50 word minimum): Discuss this case and disorder from a biblical perspective using at least 1 Scripture reference (direct quotes do not count towards length requirement).

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