Length: 3 pages Format: APA format (no abstract) but do include a References page at the end. Consult The Bedford Handbook and cite the literature on the References page according to a work in an anthology. APA does not require writers to cite the Bible on the References page. Point of view: Write in 3rd person point of view (do not use: I, my, you, your, us, we, our, etc…) Sources: Use only the assigned literature itself and the Bible; no other sources should be used. Evaluation: Paper will be graded according to Belhaven’s Seven Traits rubric posted on the course page and will also be evaluated based on following directions. Due: by the end of Unit Four and Unit Eight Topic: Choose one piece of literature from the course and follow this organization:

Paragraph 1: Briefly introduce the literature, its time period, and the author

Paragraph 2: Choose one theme and explain (main point author is attempting to communicate…for example, betrayal has consequences)

Paragraph 3: Choose one character from the literature and describe him/her. Select two or three strong adjectives to guide this paragraph.

Paragraph 4: Discuss the literature’s relevance to modern society and explain why students should continue to study it.

Paragraph 5: Apply a Christian worldview to the literature. Use brief Scripture quotations to support your ideas.

Make sure to specifically refer to examples and details from the literature and Bible to show your knowledge. Use 6-8 brief direct quotations (most from the literature), and make sure they are cited according to APA format. Do not pad the paper with long, unnecessary quotations

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