Making Contact with Customers:

Option A: Building Collaborative Relationships:

Think about any non-collaborative work relationship you have that is interfering with your own task progress. (Note: Try to avoid blame but rather look to see how this relationship can improve your collaborative skills)

Inform the co-worker you would like to have a more collaborative work relationship. Ask when during the week it would be a good time to get together and discuss how to have a more collaborative relationship. Make sure to agree on a specific day and time to meet.

At the meeting, make sure to confront the conflict issue. Make sure to use active listening skills and mirroring. Once you both understand each other’s side, state the conflict as a mutual problem. Identify ways to solve the conflict.

After doing this, reflect on the following:

Identify what the conflict was between you and the other person.
Give examples of how your used active listening skills and mirroring when your co-worker was talking.
Explain if you felt your co-worker used active listening skills and mirroring when you discussed your concerns.
Explain how you re-worded the conflict into a mutual problem.
What solutions did you both come up with?
How, if at all, do you believe addressing the conflict with your co-worker was helpful?

Option B: Developing Milestones

Reflect on the following questions:

Does any major part of your work seem to be dragging because you do not have milestones to measure your progress against?
Take time and write down where you began on this task and where you have come so far.
After looking at this, what milestones have you already met? How does this make you feel?
Now, look at the remaining work that needs to be done on this task, identify at least two milestones you still need to reach in order to make progress on the task?
How much longer do you estimate the task will take you? Identify how creating milestones for completing a task can be helpful.

Option C: Making Contact with Customers:

According to Thomas (2009), it is important to make contact with customers. Stop and think for a moment about customers who are important to you and your organization’s vision. Think of two to four customers who you could invite to give effective feedback about the organization. If possible, get the customers together and ask them to tell you what they like about the organization as well as ways they believe it could be run more effectively. If you are unable to get the customers together for a face-to-face meeting, you can have a meeting over the phone. Lastly, think of a creative way to thank those customers who helped you.

Once you have done this, reflect on the following questions:

By contacting two to four customers how do you think this could improve your organization’s effectiveness?
How did the customer’s react to you contacting them? Were they open to giving you feedback about the organization?
What were the questions you asked the customers?
Were you surprised by some of the comments the customers had?
How do you think reaching out to your customers will improve your customer-client relationship?
How did you decide to thank the clients for taking time to give you feedback about your organization?

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