Merchandise, business and finance assignment help

The Merchandising of a selling floor is a very distinctive feature of a stores merchandise strategy. For this discussion I want you to get out to the stores and analyze the merchandise mix on the selling floor. When you are done I want you to answer these questions. full paragraphs and essay form 

1. Do they merchandise by classification or collection?

2. Are their classifications mixed on the fixtures or pure by category.

3. Is the store easy to shop, explain.

4. Are they overassorted or is there  a clear direction of merchandise.

5. Was there anything missing that you think was important to the assortment. Remember this is a discussion. Have fun.

You may pick from the stores below or any Womans Apparel Specialty store.



 Abecrombie & Fitch

  J Crew


  The Gap

 Forever 21


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