Observe entry door for one hour with no sign to see how many participants press the handicap button as opposed to pulling the handle.


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Study: Observe entry door for one hour with no sign to see how many participants press the handicap button as opposed to pulling the handle. Second week place visible sign on door or near handicap button stating the electrical cost, and observe if sign increases behavior of pulling handle. Third week remove sign and observe if behavior has influenced participants to pulling handle.

I have to include my personal articles and my group articles (5 in total) in my introduction.

Goal: To determine whether a sign can influence behavior on utilizing or not utilizing the handicap button. Another way to explain the goal is to see if placing a sign by the door or handicap button will influence change of behavior on how they view the door.

Hypothesis: If a sign is placed next to the handicap button, then the sign will influence participants to physically open the door to save on electrical cost of not utilizing the handicap button.

Participants: visitors, students and faculties


Randomly choose day to observe the entryway for 3 weeks of the same hour to see how many participants press the handicap button to enter or exit the building between 4:30-5:30 pm. Week 2, a sign was placed above the handicap buttons at the same hour previously chosen on a day also randomly chosen. It was observed for participants whom resort to pressing the handicap button, as opposed to pulling or pushing the door open while measuring the effects the sign had on those observed. Week 3 the sign was removed and observed participants on a random day at the same time chosen previously to see the affects the sign had on behavior. It was predicted the sign would have significant effects on participant options to withhold from utilizing the handicap button. This experiment served its purpose by allowing researchers to observe and measure the impact signage has on behaviors.


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First piece: discuss and summarize what we found. 

Second piece: put it back into context in terms of what we reviewed a bunch of stuff in the introduction section and now we have actual data and there are some conclusions that we need to make.  (Is it inline with what other people have found in similar studies that we reviewed in the introduction? Is it different? Does it half match it? It needs to be put back into context. Maybe it’s indirect conflict that people found before or another piece of evidence. 

Third piece: LIMITATIONS, if we have a very small sample size, thats limitations. For example: with are project (the sign) after doing our observation, we noticed anecdotally it appears that 90% of people aren’t reading our sign and that’s limitation of our study. The question is did they actually pay to the message while passing? When they evaluate the sign were there intentions wanting to save energy or not? 

Forth piece:  future research is limitations, we would fix those if we were to conduct another experiment. For example, our sign was possible difficult to read at night because it was dark. Next piece of research we would change it. It we were going to conduct another study, we need to state a small outline of another independent variable we would look at and tell the reasoning for doing so.  

Please include some other things that could’ve impacted our study.  

Conclusion: Paragraph 

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