our readings have been from Nortons intro to literature

Assignment Specifications
Type: Written Paper
Style: Modern Language Association Format
Length: 1,000 words or more
Description: Write a literary analysis of one of the readings we have engaged with thus far that utilizes one of the schools of literary criticism.
Be Sure to: Include a works cited page.
Second Critical Response Essay

As we saw with the first paper, this assignment is really a great practice for the upcoming research paper. The assignment asks for a literary analysis that utilizes one of the many schools of literary criticism. The second half of the class includes both poetry and drama. Hamlet,in particular, is one of the richest and most widely criticized works of literature in history. Finding your thesis this time should be much easier than it was for the first paper.
What should my topic be?

Your topic should be something of your own choosing that reflects our readings. Again, the critical response is your opportunity to consider an aspect of a work you find interesting and compose a paper exploring the aspects of the work that intrigue you by using literary criticism as your guide. In the past good papers have considered the psychological facets of characters, explored symbolism in the work, thought about the role of gender or class in the work, and a great many other topics.

The simplest method for determining a topic is something like a math equation. You can answer the question, “what did I read that was interesting? Why was this interesting?” When you have an idea of this answer it will lead you to the topic and school of literary criticism. Again, as an example, let us assume a reader found the play Hamlet most interesting among the course readings. Perhaps he or she found it interesting because Hamlet seems to mentally ill. The topic and thesis might arrive by use of the formula mentioned above (work of interest school of literary criticism = topic). In this case (Hamlet psychoanalytic criticism = a paper that diagnoses Hamlet's mental illness)

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