Philosophy of Religion

please choose a topic from the following prompts;

1) Explain the problem of omniscience and free will, provide a solution to the problem, which allows for God to remain omniscience; consider the consequences of this solution.

2) Provide a solution (theodicy of your own creation) to the problem of evil and evaluate the short comings of such an argument.

3) Critique a solution to the problem of evil and explain what changes would have to be made in order for it to be successful.

4) Provide an argument for why God should be defined negatively (in a Negative Theology), and discuss the consequences of such a view.

Addition: At the top of your paper, identify which prompt you are responding to by typing “Prompt 1 (or 2, 3 or 4)” at the top.

Reference: Philosophy of Religion selected reading book. Philosophers include Pike, Hume, Mackie, Leibniz, Plantinga & Rowe

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