A baseball is thrown up in the air. What is the velocity of the ball when it reaches its maximum height? Be sure to explain how you arrived at your answer.、

Define a scalar quantity and a vector quantity. Give me an example of each.

Define Newton’s Third Law. Give an example of an action-reaction pair of forces.

In your own words, define kinetic energy and potential energy. Give an example of a system that has potential energy and another system that has kinetic energy.

Can an object have a positive acceleration, while maintaining a constant velocity? Explain your answer.

Write and explain each of Newton’s three laws of motion. Make sure you clearly illustrate the meaning of each law. Give an example of these laws observed in the comic book universe. Whatever comic book hero or event you choose is fine.

There is a force due to gravity on a 50 kg boulder that falls from a high cliff 2 km from the ground below.

1) Calculate the time it takes the bolder to fall from the top of the cliff to the ground if it starts from rest.

2) What is its speed when it hits the ground?

3) What is the average velocity of the rock over the course of its entire trip from the cliff top to the ground?

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