Planning methodologies of a project

MGMT 404 PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Week 1 of 8: Project Proposal/Approval

Objectives The objective of the Course Project is to give you an opportunity to practice the skills learned in class regarding the planning methodologies of a project. These skills are directly applicable toward your senior project. Guidelines For this project, you may choose one that is of interest to you, or you may choose to begin planning for your senior project. When selecting a project, avoid picking one that is either too big or too small. For example, do not decide to build a new stadium for your local sports team (too big) or to plant your summer garden (too small). Here are some successful past project ideas. • The opening of a coffee shop • A charity event for a local social service agency • A meditation pool and platform in the center of town • A redevelopment of a local playground • Design and installation of a computer network for a small business • Software development project A project to build a house or create a website is NOT acceptable. You are not limited to the list of projects above. Please refer all questions concerning what is acceptable as a class project to your instructor. Week 1 Due Week 1: Project Proposal/Approval Provide an outline of your proposed project to your instructor for approval. The project you select will be the same project you will plan for the 8 week course. • A one-page document outlining your proposed project. This document should contain particulars, such as what will be created, why this project is important, how long it would likely take, and how much it would likely cost.


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