Comparison of Two Poems

Write a 1,200+ word comparative analysis of two poems. Compare a classic poem from our textbook (or from another book) with original spoken word poetry accessed through YouTube, Button Poetry, or another performance poetry website.

The comparison should make a claim about the relative worth of one poem as opposed to the worth of the other. That claim will be your thesis.

Choose two poems that are linked thematically (for example: two love poems, or two political poems) or linked stylistically (for example: two sonnets, or two humorous poems).
Reference at least two poetic elements (imagery, rhyme, symbolism, etc.) within the comparison.
Remember that you must include a thesis statement (preferably in the introduction) that you will develop and support within the body of your essay. The thesis must make clear the reason for the comparison.
Of course your essay must include an opening strategy, various integrated quotes, and a relevant conclusion.
Reason for comparison/ Thesis:

Generally academic comparison/contrast essays either compare dissimilar things or contrast similar things, although they may do both. Be sure that this is clear in your thesis statement. Two examples:

Contrasting similar things: “Although Poem A and Poem B both reflect on unrequited love, Poem A informally relies on imagery and symbolism while Poem B is a much more formal sonnet.

Comparing dissimilar things: “Although Poem A and Poem B are very different types of poem (A is a political poem, while B is a reflection on dying), both poems rely on metaphor and irony to get their point across.

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