The political, economic and legal systems

The paper should analyse the following in relation to your product:

1. The political, economic and legal systems

2. The culture, norms and values

3. The trade policy

4. The Foreign Direct Investment policy

5. Participation in regional economic integration

6. How are exchange rates determined with the U.S.?

You should then go on to consider:

1. What strategy you will utilize and why

2. How you will enter the foreign market and why

3. How you will produce your product and why

4. How you will distribute you product and why

5. How you will conduct Research and development

6. What human resource policy will be used

7. How you will manage exchange rate risk

The paper will be double spaced, font size 12 with graphs and a bibliography. Deadline for the final paper is the last day of class. It should be approximately 10-15 pages

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