provide details of a specific service experience you have encountered, report help

In your report, provide details of a specific service experience you have encountered (if appropriate, provide details of the date, time and duration of the service experience, the driver for its purchase and/or consumption, and other information that can help paint a clear picture of the service experience for the reader), and demonstrate your understanding and comprehension of services marketing concepts and theories via the appropriate application of relevant theories and concepts in your analysis of that service experience, which could center around (but not limited to) the following concepts: – The three-stage model of service consumption – Perceived risks involved in service consumption – Drama/theater metaphor – Expectancy-disconfirmation model of satisfaction – The flower of service model – Service quality (SERVQUAL) dimensions – Gaps model – Fishbone diagram – Pareto analysis/charts – Blueprint – Detailed break down of the monetary and non-monetary ‘costs’ associated with the service consumption – Detailed analysis of any one of the seven marketing mix element pertaining to that service experience

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