QA Automation Testing

QA Automation Testing

This exercise is intended to take 3 to 4 hours and assumes you are well versed in writing automated tests using Selenium. For this exercise, you are required to perform a TWO ASSIGNMENTS that a Test Engineer would be expected to perform during the normal course of their day. Prior to your interview please submit the output of your code exercise back to AgileTrailblazers.


1. Write Manual Test Cases:

a. Given the following User Story below, write the manual tests cases you would plan to execute to ensure code coverage.

b. You may write these in any manner of your choosing.

c. Send the test cases to Agile Trailblazers when complete.

d. This story is implemented in this URL:

User Story:

As a user of the Mock Agile Trailblazers website I would like to contact Agile Trailblazers so that an email will be delivered to the Agile Trailblazers management team.

Acceptance Criteria:

• The form has the following fields:

o Name (required)

o Email address (required)

o Mobile phone (optional)

o Office phone (optional)

o Subject (required)

o Message (required)

o Submit button

• Upon submit success show message:

o ‘Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.’

• Upon submit failure due to not filling out required fields show message:

o Highlight empty required fields with message: ‘Please fill in the required field.’

Agile Trailblazers

Test Engineer Code Exercise

2. Write Selenium Tests:

a. Given the following website, create automated Selenium tests.

b. The features “Search” and “Contact Us” must be covered

c. You must use Selenium Web Driver

d. Use of Cucumber and Gherkin is strongly encouraged

e. You may use any language of your choice (Java, Ruby) to implement the test steps

f. You must provide a READ ME which includes instructions on how install the dependencies and run the tests

g. All code must be committed to a GitHub repository and made available to Agile Trailblazers

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