Read the Canterbury Tales, paying special attention to the Prologue.

1. Read the Canterbury Tales, paying special attention to the Prologue. You need to look for some sort of physical object in the book that you might find intriguing or puzzling. This object could be anything such as clothing, weapons, hats, modes of transportation, locations, job descriptions, landmarks, animals, eating utensils, books, musical instruments, and so forth. It should be something a character in the book would touch, smell, hear, taste, or see.

2. Find two articles about this object.  Do not use Wikipedia articles.

3. After finding and reading the articles, write a paper that addresses the object and characterizes the two articles. I recommend the following format:

Paragraph 1: (Introduction) Identify the object and how it fits in the book.

Paragraph 2: Describe the first article and where you found it. Does it give helpful information on the object? Report on the characteristics of the article such as who wrote it, if the authors have any affiliations or experience that make them experts on the subject, what sources did the authors use to write the article, and in what sort of publication does the article appear? After looking at these details, determine if this article is peer reviewed and therefore may qualify as a scholarly article or not, and if the information is scholarly or not.

Paragraph 3: Repeat the above process for the second article

Paragraph 4: (Conclusion) Explain how the articles help you better understand the object and the book. Was one article more helpful than the other, and why do you think that?

Citation: Please use MLA style footnotes for this paper, especially when you use direct quotes or specific paraphrasing from the books or articles.