Reflection: I Have a Dream and Normandy, communications homework help

My assignment about  watch Dr. Martin Luther King ” I have a dream speech” and provide your critical assessment of this speech. Now compare this to President Ronald Reagan’s speech.

Consider these questions and others you may have

1. What was the purpose of each of these speeches?

2. Who was their audience?

3. Did Dr. King connect to his audience, if so, how?

  4. Did President Regan connect to his audience, if so how?

This is your critical reflection paper #1

You are to review Dr. King and President Regan speech and provide

1. critical analysis of the speech–label this paragraph Critical Analysis  150 to 200 words

2. In your critical analysis answer the questions listed above

2. Must have a cover page that reflects APA style format-

DO NOT for get reference use APA style…… 

Video 1

video 2

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