Select two strategic human resource management tools.

This week we discussed strategic human resource management and tools available to perform it. To learn more, let’s further explore some of the available tools. For this paper, you must:

  1. Select two strategic human resource management tools.
  2. Describe the tools and how HR will use each.
  3. Present the importance and benefit of each tool for HR and the organization in general.

For this assignment, you should use at least two other sources additional from the textbook. All the sources (including the textbook) should be cited within the document and included in an APA format, reference page at the end of the paper. Be careful with the number of quotations within the document.


  • Submit a Word document to the digital drop box
  • The paper should be 1–3 pages long
  • Use 1″ margins (all around) and double space
  • Use Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12
  • Use APA format

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