short essay: an interview with a manager

short essay: an interview with a manager

For this short writing assignment, you will conduct an interview with a manager. According to your textbook, “a manager is responsible for achieving organizational objectives through efficient and effective utilization of resources” (p. 2). The individual for whom you interview can be a manager at a small or large organization; the individual can be a family member, neighbor, friend, mentor, or current/former supervisor. You should choose to interview someone who has served as a manager for at least two years.

To get started: Contact your manager of choice to determine if he/she is available and willing to meet with you for 30-60 minutes, so that you can conduct the required interview. After you receive confirmation, begin to prepare for the interview, i.e., write out the questions that you need (and want) to ask for the purposes of this assignment (and your professional development). You should conduct the interview in person, via phone, or via Skype or some other video conferencing software.

The interview will have two parts: In part 1, you will choose ONE (only one!) of the following topics, and discuss with the manager how he/she:

· TOPIC 1: Solves problems and makes decisions,

· TOPIC 2: Facilitates strategic and operational planning,

· TOPIC 3: Manages change,

· TOPIC 4: Organizes and delegates work, OR

· TOPIC 5: Manages teamwork

In part 2, you will ask the manager for advice, relative to their management experiences:

· “What can I do now—in college—to prepare me to think and act like a manager?”

After your interview: Submit a two page, double-spaced paper (no more than two pages, please!) that 1) summarizes what you learned in part 1 of the interview, and 2) identifies two ways you can start to prepare to think and act like a manager. Please be sure to include your name, and the name of the manager you interviewed, as well as the name of his/her organization. If the individual does not wish to have his/her name included in the paper, then please simply list their relationship to you, and the name of their organization.

A note about late assignments: If this assignment is turned in late, you will incur a 10% penalty. Late assignments will NOT be accepted past 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, March 23.

A note about academic integrity: If you use exact words, especially if you capture someone’s exact words for your writing assignment, you must put quotation marks around the cited material to acknowledge that these are not your own words. You must also include a references page or works cited page with your submission (this page does not count towards your two-page limit). Remember, plagiarism is claiming work as your own that you have copied from another person, whether that other person knows about it or not. False claims of any kind may be considered a violation of the Academic Integrity policy. Furthermore, submissions may be reviewed using Turnitin, an originality checking service.

Short Writing Assignment – Interview with a Manager Writing Template and Parameters for Assignment

Academic Integrity Pledge

“I_ [student name]_affirm that I have neither given, received, nor witnessed unauthorized aid on this deliverable and have completed this work honestly and according to the professor’s guidelines.”

(Please add your name to the pledge, and include it on your writing assignment.)

Your Name: Major/Intended Major:



First paragraph:

· Who did you interview—what is their name and position, and where are they employed?

· Why did you interview this manager?

Paragraphs 2-4 (may be longer):

· How does the manager solve problems and make decisions; facilitate strategic and operational planning; manage change, organize and delegate work, OR manage teamwork? (Reminder: Please only choose one of these topics.)

· Include the rationale for the manager’s actions, i.e., why does he/she do what they do?

· Provide at least two concrete, specific examples to support your explanation.

Paragraphs 2-4 (may be longer):

· What advice did the manager offer to you, in terms of what you can do now, in college, to prepare to think and act like a manager?

· Provide at least two concrete, specific ways to prepare to think and act like a manager.

Final paragraph:

· What is the most important lesson you have learned from your interview with a manager?

References or Works Cited

SAMPLE: Thomas, J. (February 5, 2018). Phone interview.

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