This is a powerpoint presentation I have to turn in for my Sociology class. Below are the exact instructions from the professor. It is due by April16, 2020 at 6pm. Last slide must be an APA style slide of resources used for powerpoint. The online textbook used for this class was through Openstax,

Although we are not limited to just openstax for our resources. professor has stated she uses Turnitin.**

Your PowerPoint. This will include the following slides:

  1. Include your topic (Homelessness) and your name (Slide 1)
  2. Apply Functionalism, Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interactionism to this (Slide 2)
  3. Apply the sociological imagination (Slide 3)
  4. What attitudes and behaviors have you observed on this issue? How have they changed? (Slide 4)
  5. What role does culture play in these attitudes (i.e. Social norms etc.)? (Slide 5)
  6. Globally, what attitudes/behavior do we see toward this issue? In looking globally, do the programs/resources for the homeless seem better or worse that what we have in the US? (Slide 6)
  7. What agents of socialization affect/influence this issue? How? (Media, family etc.) (Slide 7)
  8. Apply deviance to the topic (Slide 8)
  9. Include current examples of related problems with this issue (PTSD, Addiction etc.) (Slide 9)
  10. What social movements and/or resources are available in your area to help the homeless? (Slide 10)
  11. What type of research method would you use to study this population? (Slide 11)

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