The agencies develop professional standards of care that promote healthcare quality.

Licensure, certification, and accreditation of healthcare agencies to ensure quality is a function of states, nonprofit organizations, and private entities, such as the Joint Commission. The agencies develop professional standards of care that promote healthcare quality. In this discussion, you will contrast differences between licensure, certification, and accreditation and the impact on healthcare organizations.


For this discussion board, you will be randomly assigned to one of three topics:

  • Topic A: Licensure
  • Topic B: Certification
  • Topic C: Accreditation
  1. In your initial post:
    1. Describe your assigned term. Identify an organization which provides the services. In your description, include details on the history and mission of the organization.
    2. Elaborate on the purpose and areas of focus of the agency, e.g., providers, hospitals, laboratories, managed care organizations, etc.
    3. Describe the impact of the measures/standards/guidelines of the agency is used to evaluate the effectiveness and/or efficiency of a healthcare organization.
  2. Respond to the two additional topics you were not assigned. In each response, analyze the difference between your assigned topic and your classmate’s topic. For example, if your initial post is on licensure, then your two response (follow up posts) would be on certification and accreditation. Reply to classmates by:
    • Asking questions about the information in their post.
    • Responding to the usefulness of your classmates’ post material to Human Service practice.
    • Providing additional analysis of how the topic evaluates/assesses the quality of healthcare services.
    • Offering one additional primary/secondary reference (cited) that provides support for the material that is addressed by your classmate. (A different reference must be used for each reply to classmate. The reference must be cited using APA format.) The textbook CANNOT be used as a reference for your reply p
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