the historical or contemporary informing the journalists perspective

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Newspaper Article Analysis Paper (and Proposal) Guidelines

Please write a 6-7 page paper (with one-inch margins in double-spaced 12 point font Times or the equivalent) that analyzes a recent (from 2002 or later) newspaper article about Japan from a reputable newspaper. (Note: You must choose an article that was not assigned for this class.) You must draw on two readings by recognized scholars of Japan to analyze this newspaper article. One of these articles or edited book chapters should be a scholarly essay assigned for this class (NOT another assigned newspaper article). The other article or edited book chapter should be a scholarly essay that you find on your own and that is relevant to the subject matter of the newspaper article.

The paper should consider how the two essays can help us interpret this newspaper article in terms of its a) subject matter, and b) the journalists perspective. For instance, you might consider what the essays reveal about: the historical or contemporary informing the journalists perspective; the factors or issues s/he overlooks (and the bias s/he thus suggests); and whether or not the article is convincing or problematic (or both) on these accounts.

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