The L2 Acquisition Of English Articles By L1 Arab speaker

The essay assignment requires you to write a critical literature review of “The L2 Acquisition Of English Articles By L1 Arab speaker.”
You need search and find out all the most important research publications on the chosen topic to produce a comprehensive review.
You may choose any of the topics that you are interested in or that are discussed in class.
In your review, you should clearly present and summarize the following critical information:
– The major research questions that the researcher(s) have addressed;
– Rationale of the studies: theoretical significance and reasons for conducting this research;
– Methodology: including participants in the experiment(s), data collection methods, test
materials, test procedures, etc.;
– Major findings and significance of the studies
– Your own critical comments on the studies

There are a few things that you can comment on:
– You may discuss any related issues that interest you most;
– You may discuss the method that the author(s) employed to investigate this question;
– You may discuss whether you support the researchers’ view, argue against it, or partially
support it. State your reasons;
– You may discuss the implications of the authors’ findings in language teaching;
– You may discuss what this paper adds your knowledge to language acquisition;
– You may comment on the parts that you find hard to understand.
– You may relate to the issues that we have discussed in class.

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