The topic is Breast Cancer

I need a 10-page research paper completed by November 30, 2019

The topic is Breast Cancer


This comprehensive paper will be 10 pages in length, not including title page and references.  A search of the recent literature (less than 5 years old) related to the topic needs to be performed. Students are required to provide evidence, based on scientific research, to support the information about the cancer. Students are required to find research on the best evidence-based practices used in relation to the selected topic.

The following information should be included in the paper:

1. Description of the Cancer and related epidemiology.

2. Description of the normal physiology of the system involved in the cancer.

3. Explanation of the pathophysiology of the disease/disorder and its effects on the body system involved.

4. The genetic influences, including epigenetics, on an individual’s propensity to have the disease. Also discuss any other related risk factor for the disease.

5. Description of the clinical presentation of the disease, what are the typical primary indicators for the disease, what are typically late indicators of the disease.

6. Describe the diagnostic tools involved in the diagnosis.

7. Discuss the treatment and management of an individual diagnosed with the disease, including a discussion of the treatment’s effect on the pathophysiology of the disease. Include the recommendations from at least one national guideline.

8. Provide an explanation of the common areas for metastasis and prognosis of the disease.