Thesis EOP Manual, law homework help

I am gonna send you the EOP link. Also I have the title page completed. I will post it for you.

Ensure the proposal includes the following from the EOP Manual:

  • Explain the question or problem to be investigated and convince the thesis professor that the question or problem merits investigation.
  • It should show that the student has read the relevant and recent literature on the subject, and it should contain a list of academically appropriate resources consulted during the preliminary stages of research.
  • In general, the thesis proposal should include background information related to the research topic, purpose of research, methodology and analytical procedures to be used.

Your submission must have a title page as per the APA format

one inch margins

page numbers

Bold headings:

Proposed research topic

Explain the purpose and background reason for the research topic

The Methodology that will be used –  this is the method that will be used to collect the data to be analyzed for the research. There are a number of venues to do this: secondary data (data that has been collected by someone else or an organization such as the US Government or a police department, etc. survey research (conducting a survey – which I do not recommend – time consuming), case studies, comparative analyses, ethnographic studies, quantitative analysis (i.e. regression analysis, least means square, analysis of variance, etc – most of you probably are not sufficiently trained to undertake quantitative analysis). There are other methods as well.

References – three or four references, some primary ones, on your topic should be listed with APA citations.

It is expected that the proposal will be around five pages or so in length.

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