This assignment is designed to develop a portfolio of resources that you can use during your degree.

Question COIT20233 Assessment Details Assessment item 4—Portfolio Due date: 11:55pm AEST Friday Week 12 ASSESSMENT Weighting: 30% 4 Length: Not applicable Objectives This assignment is designed to develop a portfolio of resources that you can use during your degree. The compilation of your Portfolio is progressive throughout the term. Please refer to the course profile to see how this assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes. These objectives will be measured by the ‘closeness of fit’ to meeting the requirements and the assessment criteria below. Submission Submit each file individually into Moodle using the links in the Assessment block for Assessment item 4 on the course website. Please note there should be five (5) files submitted. The due date for this assignment is the Friday of Week 12. It is STRONGLY recommended that students complete the work during the term using the timeframe suggested in the Requirements section below. Requirements ALL assignments will be checked for plagiarism (material copied from other students and/or material copied from other sources) using Turn-It-In. If you are found to have plagiarised material or if you have used someone else’s words without appropriate referencing you will be penalised for plagiarism which could result in zero marks for the whole assessment item NOT just the individual submission. In some circumstances a more severe penalty may be imposed. Useful information about academic integrity (avoiding plagiarism) can be found at: Note: You need to ensure that your portfolio submissions are free of any spelling grammatical and typographical errors. Week 3: Create a Word document called ‘Critical Thinking’ and write approximately 400 words describing why you need to be a critical thinker. Explain why it is important for ICT professionals to be critical thinkers. Note that you should include your definition of the term critical thinking. You need to provide at least four (4) relevant unique points in your discussion. Upload the document into Moodle. (5 marks) Week 5: Conduct a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) analysis of your presentation skills. An example can be found on page 13 of the prescribed textbook. The SWOT analysis should be presented in a square with four (4) quadrants. In addition to the SWOT analysis you also need to identify two areas of improvement for your presentation skills and outline some strategies you could use to enhance those areas. (5 marks) Week 7: Some people love Social Networking through technology (Facebook and Twitter) whilst others loathe it. Write reflectively about your experiences with the use of a Social networking technology such as Facebook or Twitter. You will need to provide a brief description of the experience and then write three paragraphs (approx. 400 words) of reflective writing where you analyse the experience what you have learnt from the experience and how you would handle it differently in the future. Your reflective writing should cover the three key points on reflective writing (see below). If you do not use and Social networking technologies you should write a reflection on why you do NOT use Social networking technologies. Call your MS Word document ‘Reflective Writing’ and upload that file into Moodle. The key points to consider when writing reflectively are: 1. You need to demonstrate what you have learned from a particular experience not just describe what happened. 2. There is no right or wrong answer—reflective writing is about what you learned from the experience. 3. Ask yourself the following questions and give your responses in your writing: Why did X happen? What did I do in X situation? What were the positive and negative outcomes in the situation? How might I do things differently next time? What have I learnt and how does this knowledge contribute to my development? (McCulloch & Reid 2012 p. 104) Note: You should re-read pages 103-105 of the textbook to ensure you know what is meant by reflective writing. (5 marks) Week 11: In week 9 you learnt about how to develop a personal ethical framework and last week you learnt about work and cultural issues. Understanding who you are and how you relate to others in both your personal and work life can make you aware of the values that are important to you as well as the values that you may need to work on to improve. Create a document called ‘Personal Ethical Framework’ in MS Word and write a 500 word account on how to build a reputation as a good ICT professional and how to work with others from diverse backgrounds. This document should include statements about your work ethic values that are important to you and how you relate to and communicate with others around you. As you are training to be an ICT professional you should refer to theACS Code of Ethics and/orACS Code of Professional Conduct when writing this personal ethical framework. In addition your response should contain your views on working with diversity in the workplace and how to be sensitive to the people who have been brought up in cultures different to your own. Upload the Personal Ethical Framework document into Moodle. (5 marks) Week 12: Create a document called ‘Successful Completion’ and write a reflective analysis that demonstrates you have satisfied all eight(8) course learning outcomes that are listed in the course profile for COIT20233 Professional Skills for ICT (they are listed below). In no more than two (2) A4 pages justify how the work you have completed this term has satisfied all eight (8) course learning outcomes. Please note it is important that you JUSTIFY that you have satisfied the course objectives do NOT just summarise the course content and/or assessment items. Write two things you liked about this course and provide the reason or reasons you liked them. Also describe two suggested improvements to the course and justify why they would improve the course. Upload the Successful Completion document into Moodle. From the Course Profile: On successful completion of this course you will be able to: 1. Describe the basic principles and importance of effective interpersonal communication active listening and reading for meaning. 2. Demonstrate teamwork skills. 3. Communicate ideas effectively both verbally and in written form using appropriate language. 4. Create and deliver effective oral presentations. 5. Argue the importance of ethics codes of behaviour and societal privacy and legal issues within the ICT industry. 6. Demonstrate an understanding of common work practices and values operating in the Australian workplace. 7. Assess how ICT can be used to improve organisational processes. 8. Evaluate the application of emerging technologies to communication and collaboration. (10 marks)


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