Be sure to check both grammar and spelling as mistakes will result in a loss of points. Be sure to cite your sources.

PART 1) Did not get a DL question submitted so you get one of mine (cue evil laughter sound effect) – So this is kind of a follow on to the last discussion. The study of international corrections allows us to directly compare the penal systems of foreign nations with our own (we put more people in jail in the US per capita than any other country by the way). With all the issues the US criminal justice system is facing such as mass incarceration, high levels of recidivism, poor prison conditions, and all with an less than optimum crime rate to show for it, why do you think that policy makers haven’t tried to implement systems which seem to be working for foreign nations? What nation’s penal system, if any do you think would be a realistic alternative to our current system and why?

PART 2) When you finish the first part, I will upload the second part, just like the tasks you did for me before

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