Thomas Morton’s New English Canaan

Read your text′s excerpt from Thomas Morton’s New English Canaan (pages 66-67 only). Read the previously assigned excerpt from Giovanni da Verrazzano. Begin with the BRIEF summary of both pieces (see general notes) and then compare/contrast/analyze the pieces using properly documented quotations from the text to support your argument. Note: for summary, you should begin with a general statement; then, follow with a sentence or two devoted to each separate work. Remember that the summary is to be limited to five sentences total in order to allow concentration on the analysis. Your goal is to critique some aspect(s) of the pieces, not to tell what they are about (the brief summary does that for you) nor to explain why you do or do not like it. The reader is not concerned with your personal interests, only with the valid claims you can make about the writing itself. To begin brainstorming for the analysis, think about how these two writings are similar. Think about how they are different. Are their intentions/purposes the same/different? Are they written in the same style? These are the kinds of things that you should consider for analysis; you do not have to answer any or all of these questions. The point here is to show you the difference between writing a paper in which you express a personal opinion (I liked Morton’s writing better because it was funnier) and writing a paper that considers how the writing was crafted (Morton’s goal was to ______; therefore, his style was _________ when compared to Verrazzano.—the blanks are deliberate, as I do not want to influence you to think about either writer in a particular manner). Write this response in the THIRD person.

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