Unit 3: Healthcare Capstone

Now that you have your proposal and your annotated bibliography, it is time to put together the outline of your paper. The outline should read almost as a table of contents. You do not need to go into detail with your outline. Outlines should be clear and concise and they should convey to the reader exactly what you will be covering in your research paper.

Use headings and subheadings and be clear about each of the elements that you will cover in your final paper. The goal here is to create this blueprint of where you want your paper to go. It will start with the problem statement and end with a brilliant conclusion where you’ve shown, through the research, that the problem statement was indeed proved or disproved. It is perfectly acceptable to have stated your hypothesis, your problem statement, only to find that the literature refutes your statement. This is okay, this is what research is all about!

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