Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

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 Unit VIII Discussion Board Question

Part 1
How will you be able to apply what you learned in this course to your current or future work?

Part 2
Organization change and innovation are hot topics today. These are key considerations for the organization’s growth and development. For this discussion board, watch the videos provided in the unit lesson, and use the strategies presented in these video clips as a basis for your discussion.

Give an example of an effort for organization change or innovation from either your current or a former organization. How was it approached? Was the change or innovation embraced or hindered by the leader(s) and by the followers within the organization? What did the leader(s) do well in leading the change effort, or what should the leader(s) have done differently to improve the outcome? In the long-term, was the effort for change or innovation a success or a failure? Why? Apply the strategies presented in each of these two video clips to analyze the success or failure of your organization’s effort for change or innovation.

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