Hi there,

Please see the attached for details, the discussion post is due on friday and the recap paper is due on monday. It’s based on the same material and it’s all two page long. Thanks for the help as usual. Will put the due date on friday.

Choose TWO of the following questions to address in your Discussion Board original post:

  • Two theories exist to explain why deviance (violence, risk taking, cheating, etc.) exists in sport – 1) that sport provides a reasonable outlet for behavior that would happen anyway because it is ingrained in all people, or 2) that sport incites deviant behavior by promoting positive images of deviance. Which do you agree with, and why?
  • Do you think that sports betting should be universally legalized in America? Why or why not?
  • Should purely violent sports like boxing and MMA fighting be made illegal, given what we are learning about head-trauma and its long lasting effects?

This reflection should tie all of the material together based on a theme that you identify, as opposed to just focusing on one particular topic. In the reflection, you will also:

  • Summarize key ideas from the readings, videos, discussions, and course materials.
  • Distinguish what you are most intrigued (surprised, excited, fascinated) by, and if applicable, identify where your understanding is still unclear or you have questions.

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