What are some advantages of a person-focused pay system at Mitron?

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Please answer the following questions:

  1. What are some advantages of a person-focused pay system at Mitron?
  2. What are some disadvantages?
  3. What approach would you recommend for Holly to take in designing a person-focused pay system?

STudents response


The person-focused pay system offers several advantages if Mitron decides to utilize this pay system. The advantages of a person-focused pay system include the following: higher employee productivity levels, multiskilled employees which allows Mitron flexibility and reliability in circumstances of unexpected absenteeism, extended leave (medical/maternity/family), necessary training sessions for other employees to acquire more knowledge, and a person’s ability to perform a wider-range of tasks.

While investing in training can lead companies to prosper, there are also disadvantages associated with person-focused pay system most especially with cost. For instance, the company will have to spend, and overall costs will increase as a result of training and total overhead cost. Also, employees will have to attend training during regular working hours which can hinder operations.

I would recommend for Holly to implement the stair-step model. According to Martocchio, this model is defined as a pay-for-knowledge program where the steps represent jobs from a particular job family that differ in terms of complexity. The higher levels of the stairs are built from the lower-level skills. (Martocchio, 2017, p. 373). As stated in the text, it takes anywhere between 10 and 18 different steps to build one computer. At this time, majority of Mitron’s technicians have knowledge of one or two steps while some are able to complete multiple steps. Mitron can benefit from using the stair-step model because employees can gain different skills and knowledge to be able to complete more than two steps of the job. To that end, employee are able to build more skills and climb the stairs. As a result, this model will be beneficial to the organization and its employees.

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