What are the characteristics of a Corporation?

  1. Compare and contrast the following business forms: Sole Proprietorship; General Partnership; Limited Partnership; and Limited Liability Partnership. What primary factors are most important when deciding what business form is best for a start up you might have in mind?
  2. When weighing the risk of liability of a particular business form, discuss when and which business forms are best for various start ups.
  3. What are the characteristics of a Corporation?
  4. What protection does it afford its leadership?  How is it formed? Dissolved? Tax Benefits?  Limitations (if any) on Liability for the leadership, stakeholders, etc.?
  5. How do corporate formation, funding, and government oversight work together to drive the economy?
  6. Governance is different from management, or is it? How do these concepts relate and should all governance be practiced from the same script?

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