What are the characteristics of effective business research?

MGT305: Business Research Methods

Final Exam

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This is a short-answer exam that tests your understanding of and ability to apply the concepts from the course. Answers are to be no longer than one paragraph but are expected to be substantive as well. Keep in mind this exam is worth nearly half your grade in the course. Add your name and date above and return the exam to your advisor once complete.


Unit 1 Introduction to Business Research

What are the characteristics of effective business research?


Unit 2 The Research Problem

Give an example of a business problem that would require research, and explain how it would be applied.


Unit 3 Developing the Research Framework

Discuss the different types of variables you will find in business research.


Unit 4 The Process of Data Collection

Identify different primary sources of data that can be used in business research.


Unit 5 Research Design

Explain what validity is and why it is important to business research.


Unit 6 Measurement and Sampling for Research

Identify and define each of the four type of measurement scales.


Unit 7 Quantitative Analysis and Hypothesis Testing

Correlation analysis is considered one of the most powerful tools in quantitative analysis. Why is this?


Unit 8 Qualitative Analysis and Writing the Research Project

What are some common elements of the introductory section of a business research report?


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