What is Brea’s type and tritype?

Brea is a 25-year-old medical student. She’s 5’6”, with large kind green eyes and a curvy but proportionate figure. Brea has a small, straight across but kind mouth and often wears glasses. Brea describes herself as “kind, private, caring and perceptive” and has always wanted to be a doctor as long as she can remember because she says it’s very important for her to “help others” and to “be of service”. Brea says that she has very compassionate but processes emotions in a detached way and that many others don’t understand her so she has few close friends. Lately she’s been feeling overworked and stressed because in addition to her medical school coursework she volunteers at a local animal shelter where they’ve been demanding more of her time because they’ve been short staffed. Brea, although she loves to administer to others as much as possible, she doesn’t like too many obligations placed on her time. In fact, obligations make her feel overwhelmed and frantic and she seeks to avoid getting entangled with people too much because she feels invaded. She has quite a bit of trouble managing her need to help others and healing tendencies towards her desire to distance herself and be alone and as a result has found herself skipping out on some important classes and some of her volunteer shifts at the shelter because she’s been having frequent sinus infections and sore throats. She feels like if she tells others of being overwhelmed she won’t be listened to and that nobody really cares what she thinks anyway and believes that if she asked for what she needs that nobody would give it to her anyway. Lately she’s been having fantasies of moving away where nobody knows her and where nobody can ask anything of her. She’s felt that even though she would miss her family and friends it would be easier so she could live an unassuming life and be left to pursue her interests in private. She hasn’t told anyone else but she’s considered switching to a small university in another state and getting a graduate degree in neurobiology so she can study the biochemical nature of empathy and caregiving, something that is both personally and intellectually fascinating to her. Brea also finds something exciting about moving to a place where nobody knows her but is disturbed by the slight pleasure she feels when she thinks of leaving behind all of her human entanglements.


What is Brea’s type and tritype?

What is her likely instinctual subtype?

What is her character structure and archetype?

Any chakra imbalances you can pinpoint from the description?

What seems to be the core issue (from an Enneagram perspective) that is problematic with Brea from what you know of her and what might you suggest that could help her?


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