What is cultural competence

What is cultural competence, do I have any, and how can I get some?

A. Define cultural competence

B. In order to demonstrate your cultural competency, select a key concept or term that you find particularly intriguing from each of the course topics. Describe the concept/term and elaborate why this stands out to you. You may wish to consider your before/after sheets.

C. Which topic do you consider to be the area of your most significant gain? This can be considered in terms of quantity (e.g., I knew very little, now I know a lot), potential impact (e.g., wow, this changed my thinking entirely!), practical application, etc.

2. What is the relationship between leisure and culture?

A. Provide at least three examples of how leisure (places, spaces, programs, services) influences culture (attitudes, values, practices, goals) and/or how culture influences leisure.

3. What are the effects of cultural competence (or incompetence) on program planning, marketing, and administrative policies and procedures in RPTM(recreation, park and tourism management)?

A. Pick three of the organizational strategies from our list and describe a specific scenario where the strategy would be useful. Include the problem (from whose perspective?) and what accomplishments could be expected after employing the strategy. You may use any of the issues presented in case studies. Be sure to provide enough detail to demonstrate your rationale for using a particular strategy.

4. What is information literacy, and how do I apply it to cultural issues in RPTM(recreation, park tourism management)?

A. Describe the types of information you believed you needed in order to accomplish the objectives of the course.
B. What processes/sources did you use? (Include your references in APA format here.

C. What types of information and sources might be of value to you in your professional life? Why

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