What is peak oil production?

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Exploring Environmental Issues

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What is peak oil production? Have we hit it yet?

How is petroleum broken apart into its constituent products? List 5 products made from petroleum and what they are used for.

What are CAFE standards? Who sets the standards, and what are they currently set at?

What is an external cost? What are some of the ‘external costs’ that oil production and consumption impose on society?

How do modern wind turbines create energy? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy?

What are five sources of bioenergy? How does bioenergy use differ in developing and developed nations?

What are the issues associated with using corn to create ethanol as a fuel source? What are some possible solutions?

In CT, we have a large trash-to-energy plant in Bridgeport that incinerates garbage as a means to create electricity. Describe the process of incineration to create energy. What happens to the residual ash?

List and describe the three steps associated with recycling. Where do recycled materials go?

Describe the three disposal methods we currently use for hazardous waste.


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