What is the content of your plan? 

 The Community Health System has 5 suburban hospitals with 7,000 staff revenue of and total revenue of 1B. All of CHS assets are in Wessex County. City Medical Center is a teaching hospital in the only large city in Wessex County. CMC has 5,000 staff and revenue of 800m. The System and the Medical Center have decided to merge. The merger will cause tertiary cases in Wessex to go to CMC. The suburban areas of Wessex are 70% Caucasian, and 10% African American, Latino and Asian respectively. The city is 60% African American, 20% Latino and 10% White and Asian respectively. The staffs, boards and patient census of each entity reflect the demographics of their respective areas. You have been designated to be the CHRO of the new merged entity. Your CEO asks you for a plan for the new Board and a staffing plan to reflect the patient populations including the new patients from CHS going to CMC. What is the content of your plan?