What is the double development squeeze? Explain in two or three paragraphs.

1. What is the double development squeeze? Explain in two or three paragraphs.

2. What is the relationship between farm size and productivity?

3. Explain the Marshallian inefficiency associated with sharecropping. If sharecropping is inefficient, how can we explain its prevalence?

4. ‘Land reform could improve efficiency as well as equity.’ Discuss this statement in relation to the literature on farm size, land tenure and agricultural productivity.

5. What are the demand-side and supply-side problems of having a trade strategy based on primary commodity export expansion?

6. Explain how some of the recent international agreements administered by the World Trade Organization lead to shrinking of the development space for developing countries?

7. What does ‘getting the prices deliberately wrong” mean in the context of late industrialization? What were some of the policies used by South Korea that intervened in market prices?

8. What are the major components of IMF stabilization policies?

9. Is environmental quality a luxury good? What does your answer imply about the relationship between economic growth and environmental quality?

10. What is the feminization-U hypothesis? How does it explain changing patterns of women’s labor force participation during the course of development?

11. How do New Household Economics and Household Bargaining Models differ in (i) explaining women’s labor force participation decisions, and (ii) predicting the consequences of women’s paid work for their empowerment?

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