What is your research question?

What is your research question?
What theory, existing feminist problem, or historical issue does your question address?
What argument will you make to better our understanding of this question/problem/issue?
What significant works of scholarship has been published on your topic? Please identify some of the leading academic scholars and/or published works in the field.
What method(s) will you use to make your argument and answer your question?
Does your project have a micro or a macro focus?
What kind of data do you intend to employ to answer your question?
Is it a qualitative project or a quantitative project?
If your project is qualitative:
What materials/literature/evidence will you analyze?
What kind of analysis will you use?
Do you have access to your research materials/site?
(If working with contemporary society) Where will you conduct your fieldwork? How will you conduct your fieldwork?
(If doing an oral history project and/or conducting interviews) How many interviews are you conducting? How will you record and transcribe interviews?
If your project is quantitative:
What is the source of your data?
Is it a credible source?
What variables will you be using? Are these variables appropriate?
Does your data-source have all the variables you are interested in?
How do you intend to obtain access to the dataset?
What kind of analysis will you use?

The proposal is a contract: a statement of intentions for your final product, and a detailed explanation of how you will accomplish your project. It is important to have a solid, detailed, well-written proposal. The better the proposal, the better the final paper.

You will be graded on:

1) Detailed description of the research question/problem
2) Detailed description of the research methods
3) Theory / Literature awareness / Preliminary bibliography (primary & secondary)
4) Quality of writing / Clarity of presenting ideas
5) Do-ability of the project (data, time, availability restraints, theoretical problems etc.)

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