What should the international community be doing to  prevent genocide in the future?

Final Paper

Due date: Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Point total: 100 points (30 percent of your grade)

Approximate length: 1250-1500 words

For the final paper, you will have to  answer the question: What should the international community be doing to  prevent genocide in the future?

Your paper should reflect what you have  learned about genocides in the past, including historical facts about  previous genocides. You should also read Chapter 16, Strategies of Intervention and Prevention, in Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction by Adam Jones

There are no right or wrong answers. Rather, you should strive to  craft prevention strategie(s) that is/are logical and persuasive.

Make sure you have an introduction, body paragraphs with specific  evidence and a conclusion. Write your paper in a clear and concise  manner, using formal language (writing style is different than speaking style).

Recommended Structure

1. Introduction: What values and interests should guide the international community policy concerning genocide

2. Policies: What policies should the international community pursue to put these values into action?

  • Explain specific policies that should be put into place and the specific impact you hope that they will have.
  1. Supporting Evidence:
  • In justifying the policies you would put in place give at least 2 arguments supporting the policy.
  • Each argument should use historical facts and references.
  • You should have in-depth references to at least 2 historical genocides. Do not just mention. Use class sources carefully and provide factual information.

4: Combatting Counterarguments:

  • Explain 2 arguments that can be made against your option. Provide  counterarguments to each of the arguments made using specific historical  evidence.

*Responses should be typed and double-spaced.

* When giving historical references make sure to use specific names  and dates, and descriptions of events from class sources. Be specific!

* Do not just give me your opinion. Create an argument based on class readings and logical analysis.

*Use APA format to cite information utilized from in class or out of class. This means you need parenthetical notations throughout the paper, and a works cited for all sources used. Failure to cite sources will lead to severe penalties, including possibility of plagiarism charges.