What were some of the reasons why the London Olympics received the nickname stated above?

Your final is to be typed, double-spaced, well-written and have a cover page. You may re-type the question and then start your answer below in paragraph form or you may just type “1” and then start your answer. In order to receive full points for your question, you must demonstrate understanding of the topic and critical thinking when you form your answers. You should integrate class information to support your answer.
a. Identify and briefly describe 3 consequences of Title IX that were positive.
b. Identify and briefly describe 3 consequences that were negative
(think outside the box).
c. Discuss your perspective on whether you think Title IX has been a positive or negative movement and whether it is still needed today.
– http://zeenews.india.com/sports/london-olympics-2012/analysis/how-women-athletes-made-history-at-london-olympics_747583.html.
2012’s Olympic games were known as the “women’s games.” Please complete the following questions regarding the Olympics (past and present) and female athletes.
a. What were some of the reasons why the London Olympics received the nickname stated above?
b. Why are these events/happenings so important for women in sport and what do they say about the state of our society and its views on sport participation for women?
c. What impact do you think that the Olympics will have on the future of women’s sport? What about the future growth and development of professional women’s sports leagues?
Throughout the course of the semester, you learned about the ways that girls’ and boys’ athletic experiences are very different, and this is mostly based on expectations and ideologies associated with gender socialization.
a. Define what gender socialization is and comment on how it has shaped the experiences of girls and women trying to be physically active/athletic.
b. List and discuss at least5 ways that girls/women were/are discouraged from participating in sport.

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