What will Peter argue?

1. Peter lives and works in New York. He works for ABC Fireworks. On July 1,2011, he drove an ABC Fireworks, Inc., truck on Interstate 90 in New York. He isdiabetic and was unable to take his medication because of heavy traffic. At some point,his vehicle was cut off by another truck with New Jersey plates. Peter’s directional signalwas not working, but he had to move into the passing lane.Dina, a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was driving her vehicle at 105 mph in thepassing lane. She struck Peter’s truck, which caused an explosion. Dina’s car wasdestroyed by impact with the fireworks. Her counselor said that Dina did have someanxiety about driving prior to the crash. He felt that due to her training, she was able todrive at high speeds safely before the accident. However, she was so traumatized by thecrash that she could no longer drive. Dina also felt that she should be compensatedbecause she had to sell her house to move closer to a bus line. Dina refused to providePeter with her medical records.Dina filed a lawsuit against Peter and ABC Fireworks, Inc., in the divorce court near herhouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.What will Peter argue? What will ABC Fireworks argue? What will Dinaargue? How will the court rule in this case? Provide legal justification for yourdecision, and use the IRAC formula.


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