When you have the chance to listen to music, what groups or singers do you prefer?

Fall 2017 MUS 11: Fundamentals of Music Zigterman

Final Project: Contextual Listening Journal

This final project is due March 22nd and will be collected before your final exam is administered.

This is your final opportunity to do some active listening with any piece of music you like from any genre (jazz, rock, classical, folk, etc.) and spend some time journaling about it. Answer all questions below in complete sentences when possible.

Please type your responses in a word document using Size 12, Time New Roman Font, and be sure to include your name and section time. If you have more than one page, PLEASE STAPLE them before turning your journal into your TA.

Before you Listen: Some Background Questions

1. When you have the chance to listen to music, what groups or singers do you prefer?

2. What kinds of genres of music have you been listening to over the past nine weeks? Have you explored any new genres?

3. What is the name of the song/piece you have chosen to listen to for this journal?

4. Have you listened to music from his composer before? If yes, how does their music generally make you feel?

While you Listen: What do you hear?

5. What instruments are involved with your piece? Did any instrument stand out to you in particular?

6. How many elements can you identify: is this piece is minor or major? Is the meter simple or compound? What is a possible meter signature?

7. Composers are like visual artists, but instead of using a paint brush, crayons, chalk, clay or other art mediums, a composer’s written music is their art. What pictures in your mind does this music paint?

After you Listen: Some Critical Thinking

8. Have you listened to this piece before? If yes, did anything new stand out to you?

9. What did you like most about this piece? Why?

10. If you were writing a script for a movie using this music, what might the movie be about?

11. Do you think the title the composer choice for this song/piece is a good or poor one? Explain your answer.
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