Which approach is the best  way to support Alyssa and why?


For each of the following scenarios,  write at least 150 words in response. Your short answer response must  also include 1 IWG citation.

1.  Alyssa’s husband has passed  away. As a result of this tragedy, she is suffering from acute social  anxiety. She stays in her house all day by herself. The only place she  went after her husband’s death was his funeral. Months later,  shockingly, you see her at the grocery store. Which approach is the best  way to support Alyssa and why?

2.  Your best friend, Brandon, has recently lost his job.  Coincidentally, two weeks ago, you also lost your job and quickly found  another job. Brandon comes to you for advice because he found out about  your situation through a mutual friend. What is the best way to support  Brandon and why should you take this approach?

3.  As a young child, Kara’s parents  abused her. After being adopted at the age of 6, she was quickly found  to be suffering from moderate to severe depression. Kara is now a  student in your second-grade class. She hardly ever speaks and has lots  of trust issues. How can you help Kara’s situation and why should you  take this approach?

4.  Sean has been diagnosed with  moderate Schizophrenia. In an effort to improve his ability to socialize  appropriately, he and a group of other schizophrenics are invited to  your workplace for one week to work on this skill as part of their  rehabilitation. At lunch, surprisingly, Sean asks to sit with you. What  should you say to support Sean and why should you take this approach?

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